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Tutorial #1

We'll be going from This Picture to this Image hosting by Photobucket

1. First, crop your picture. Try to make it interesting. Then resize it to 100 x 100 pixels.

2. Then sharpen and smooth out Mike's skin with the soften tool. Your icon should now look like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

3. Now, duplicate your base once and set it to Soft Light 100%. Not much of a difference in Mike's picture but still lol

4. Now we are going to use This gradient and set it to Burn 100%. Mike should now look like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

5. Here's the complicated part. Merge all of your layers. Then, copy the new base and paste it as a new image. Go back to the OLD place you just cut your new base from and UNDO merge all. That's under edit, and click undo merge all. (please tell me if there's any confusion on this)

6. Now, delete the soft light layer and the gradient layer from the layers pallette. In that image, you should be back to the origional sharpened and smooth skinned Mike we started out with. Use your selection tool and cut a peice from that and paste it onto the new Mike pallette. You won't need the old Mike anymore.
When you paste it, paste it to the side so it's not in the way of your base. It should now look like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

7. DUPLICATE the peice of Mike you just pasted onto your pallette and set it to Screen 100%. It should now look like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

8. Now, use the pen tool and create a dividing line between the screened peice of Mike and your base.

9. Yes we're getting close unless you're stuck on part #5. It's understandable. Now, use this Light Texture and set it to Screen 100%.

10. Now use this Texture and set it to Screen 100% as well. Your icon should now look like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

11. Now for the finishing touches. Take your Pen Tool out again and use it in white to make a heart, wave, whatever. Set it to Overlay 100%. Using overlay makes it look cool, but with the Light Texture, it also gives it a unique color to it. It should now look like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

12. Now, for the text. I used white for the tiny text, sized at around 2 pixels. It doesn't really matter what font you use. My tiny text reads "Macaroni and cheese will make your butt shiny". It's fun to put random things in lol. Keep the blending mode on Normal, just lower the Opacity to 60%.

WALA! Image hosting by Photobucket

You are now finished with your icon :D
I hope step 5 wasn't too confusing. I'm obviously bad at explaining.
Show your results if you like :D

*And if ANYBODY knows who made the gradient, the light texture, or/and the spot texture, please tell me so I can credit.
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Thats really cool... Im soo gonna use it... and #5 wasnt confusing at all.
How do you draw the heart sooo good.. i cant draw anything on the computer with out it looking like crap.
and i love what the text says.. its wonderful
lol thanks.
i actually did that heart over 50 billion times till i liked it o_o but now with the program i have i cant do that anymore XD
wow... ive try to draw hearts i just cant do it. aww that sucks
thats probably the best one i've ever done XD its really hard.
its really good... you should like make heart brushes.
i cant with the new program i have, it makes shitty lines :(
awww that sucks... =(
i know :(
:o thats the best i've seen yet!
eee thanks!!! im soo proud of it.
i would be too!
its definatly the best ive made...
hey! dont be down on yourself! you make awesome icons
im not... i think a bunch of mine are pretty good, not the greatest not even near great, but then i have my off days when they come out horrible like whoa!
yeah everybody does have those days
Hahaha i did this tut AGES ago when it was on Icon tutorial
i got this lol
Image hosting by Photobucket

Deleted comment

you're welcome :D