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Mod Posty

If anybody would like to send in suggestions for the community please comment here. I'm obviously dissappearing alot you know? so yah lol

and we should keep this communtiy alive!

So if you would like to become a poster please submit 5 examples of icons, and 1 example of a banner. And if I see fit then you'll be in :)

And also please answer this Questionaire:

About how many avas do you make a day?:
do you make tutorials?:
If so, how many have you made?:
Do you make texture sets, light textures sets, etc. ?:
If so, how many have you made as of yet?:
dO u lYk sO tOtaLlY rOcK lYK wOaH??!!!1:
what bands do you listen to?:
If you could improve this communioty what would you do?:
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The Barnyard Collection

These are all textless. These are not bases. These show vivid coloring.

./ No hotlinking, it's bad
./ Don't steal
./ Comment and credit if taking
./ Do NOT use these as a base for another icon unless I give you personal permission. And if I do so, please credit
./ These all have to do with scenery and animals on a farm :)

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Theme Set

All of these icons went through the same process. Same word font as well. It's supposed to be a tie-dye look, but this also goes to show that one process can have many different affects on different pictures.

./ No hotlinking, it's bad.
./ No stealing, I'll handcuff you and press you up to my cop car. -no innuendo please=
./ Please comment if taking.
./ Please credit.

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./ No hotlinking, it's bad.
./ Don't steal, you'll get big fines.
./ Please credit. Cause it's good.
./ Comment if you're taking. So ... just... yeah.
./ Do not rank on any of these icons. So you got an opinion, do it anonymously so you can't get beat up :)


1Image hosting by Photobucket 2Image hosting by Photobucket 3Image hosting by potobucket

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I'm now taking requests for icons!

Please post the url for teh pic you want in this entry only. I'm just really bored and need something to do lol. So I'll be taking as many requests that come my way :)

Deadline for requests is next Friday 12:00 pm (In the afternoon).

I'll post your icon(s) when I'm finished under your comment. Please, to make things easier, post one url per comment. Thanks :)