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My second Icon Tutorial

How to get this icon: Image hosting by Photobucket
(origionally made for mikes_lover87 so please don't take.

1. Okay, crop your base, sharpen, smooth skin, and whatnot.
2. Duplicate the base twice, set the the first closest to the base either to softlight or multiply 100%, whatever works for your icon. Set the top layer to Screen 50%
3. Now for an Exclusion layer :) Use a dark blue, like #0d0b29 for example, cause I like using really dark, almost black, blues.
4. Make a new layer and fill it with a light pink, such as #f2bdcf, and set it to Soft Light 50%.
5. Now duplicate your base, bring it up to the top, and set it to soft light.

You should now look something like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket

This kind of coloring helps me with all icons.

Now, merge all your layers.

6. Now, duplicate your new base. Move it over to a side with a blank spot, for example in mine in the top right corner. Lower the opacity to a good level, such as 35% Erase bits that cover the main focus's face or whatnot.
7. Use the blending tool and blend the sides so it looks kind of ... 'ghostly'.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pretty cool huh?

8. Now use a peice of myrasis's newest stock scans 'Old News' which you can download at weapon_icons and put it ontop of all your layers.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Set it to Softlight 65%. And erase over the main focus's face or body.

9. Now use this: Image hosting by Photobucket gorgeous texture by myrasis and set it to Softlight 100%

10. Last step! Duplicate your base, drag it to the top and set it to Softlight 100%, and you can take the option of erasing the part of the icon where the duplicate is up in the blank space like i did. Doesn't look much different without doing that.

Now you add text or other brushes :) Hope this becomes useful ^-^

Result could be something like this : Image hosting by Photobucket
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